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2016 Winners - Innovation Award

Winners of Innovation Award for this site at the RAD Awards 2016 Thank you Basis Media & The RAD Team!
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Check out the Insomnia Hype Video:

Love playing video games, or watching people play them online? Insomnia57 is the latest installment of the UK’s biggest gaming festival, and tickets are available now
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Coming soon....

Find out why our employees love working at GAME & MULTIPLAY, new careers video coming soon!
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Our Team Players

Check out why our employees LOVE working at GAME & Multiplay!
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Store Manager - Dundee

Have you filled this position yet? I applied back in August so I am assuming I wasn't successful?


Kickin the social door !

I hail from Steam and go by the tag Gaia(Γαῖα)looks way cooler on steam)and am here because like so many of you posters am trying out for a position. So getting down to ...


No Alerts!!!

I'm yet to get any job notifications in my area and I asked at the store and they said there are openings but I had to apply online. I just want to ...


Cardiff Interview?

Hello, I applied for a job at the Cardiff St David's 2 store quite a while back. I was emailed on the 9th September and told I had successfully made it to ...

Jo Ali

Business Change Programme Manager

I applied for the role of Business Change Programme Manager via your website however I did not receive any feedback or acknowledgement of the application. Could you please let me know that ...


Jobs in Eastleigh / Winchester / Southampton

I am looking for a job in Eastleigh / Winchester / Southampton in-store. I am currently in my first year of college and am looking for a part time job that I ...

Sapphire Spectre

Job Application Update

So I recently applied for Christmas Sales Assistant - GAME HERO - Store 0231 - Manchester (The Fort). I got a response saying I got through to the interview stage, 10 days ...


Group interview

Hi, I got a group interview soon and I have never had a group one before. So I was wondering what kind of questions will they ask me and how else the ...

Connor the gamer

Work (part time)

Part time job Inverness I'm great at games and can know a lot about game franchises.

Joe Huntriss

Looking for a part time job

Looking for a part time job in Burnley, i am an enthusiastic teenager who can work well independently or as a team. I feel that i am approachable and easy to talk ...