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#WeAreGAME - Who Are GAME?

Find out why our employees love being apart of the GAME Digital PLC.
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BELONG is simply amazing

Our cutting-edge Gaming Arenas where you get the chance to play hard, test the latest tech and join other likeminded gamers across multiple platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s an ...
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Meet Abi! #WeAreGAME

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Our Team Players

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How GAME are you?

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1st Line Analyst - Head Office

Looking for IT Support, I'm your man! Hours flexible, Salary negotiable.

Saoirse Fitzgerald

I want to unlock this achievement !!!

Just applied for a job at the Harrogate store, Joining the GAME team would be amazing!! Cant wait to hear back.


Work experience

Hi How do I contact the Bromley store to see if I can do work experience there? Is there an email? Thanks

Ben Ford

Job question

Hi, was wondering if I could apply for a part time job at game in Rochdale as I'm at college at the moment so can't do full time, would like to work ...

Sam Smith

Just applied for a Job.

I haven't felt excited applying for a job in a long time, Hoping to hear from you soon!


Work Experience Milton Keynes

Hi i was wondering whether i could be informed on how to contact Game for a year 10 work placement in Milton Keynes.

Callum Watkins

C Watkins

Hi Who do I contact at Game to ask about getting a work experience placement at a Game store?


Stirling Vacancies?

I really want to apply to Stirling branch's store however nothing seems to ever get posted for there. In fact for the entire of Scotland there does not seem to be any ...


Application confirmation?

Hi I applied for a job but simply get booted back to my profile, is that normal?


Interactive Email Design Created for GAME for free

Hi Game, I am currently working on proof of concepts for my own website and have created a proof of concepts for GAME because I receive your emails and think I could add ...