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#WeAreGAME - Who Are GAME?

Find out why our employees love being apart of the GAME Digital PLC.
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BELONG is simply amazing

Our cutting-edge Gaming Arenas where you get the chance to play hard, test the latest tech and join other likeminded gamers across multiple platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s an ...
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Meet Abi! #WeAreGAME

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Our Team Players

Check out why our employees LOVE working at GAME & Multiplay!
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How GAME are you?

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Hire me! Pretty please?

I’m a hard worker looking for a position in Cardiff. Would love to work for Game as I love the company and have been a loyal customer since I can remember. I ...


Pls hire me...

Looking for a job in the West Yorkshire region (Bradford or Leeds preferably) always wanted to work here as im a huge fan of both retro and modern gaming and I could ...


Looking for work

I am looking for work at GAME in the Manchester area (Arndale, Fort, Oldham, Rochdale) I have previously worked as a Christmas Temp at GAME Manchester Arndale this past Christmas and I ...



Hi, I'm Barry I've been gaming for as long as i can remember from the original Spyro and command and conquer all the way til this very day, im hoping to get ...


We Have Arrived

Hey guys we are TeamTV and we are a group on youtube called "TeamTV" we are close to 500 subscribers


Looking for work

Hey, I am nearly 16 and have loved gaming since i was young i was looking for any available jobs near Canterbury for when i turn 16,I have done work experience at ...


Cv uploaded. Wrong file! Please advise.

I have uploaded the wrong file for my cv, and there is no option to delete. I am applying for a job at Loughborough store. Can you please help me correct this? ...


What am I doing wrong?

This is in regards to applying for the 'Sales Assistant' role at different GAME retail outlets. I have been applying to work for GAME for over 6 years now (at least) with the ...


Looking for a job!

Hi there, I'm currently looking for a job at Bridgwater as a Sales Assistant when one becomes available, all the information you need is on my profile. Hope to hear from someone ...

Lee Proudfoot

Looking to join the GAME team.

Hey I'm Lee and I've been passionate about gaming since my first console the commodore 64 so many happy years ago. I'm looking to make a living out of my passion for ...