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2016 Winners - Innovation Award

Winners of Innovation Award for this site at the RAD Awards 2016 Thank you Basis Media & The RAD Team!
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Check out the Insomnia Hype Video:

Love playing video games, or watching people play them online? Insomnia57 is the latest installment of the UK’s biggest gaming festival, and tickets are available now
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Coming soon....

Find out why our employees love working at GAME & MULTIPLAY, new careers video coming soon!
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Our Team Players

Check out why our employees LOVE working at GAME & Multiplay!
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Looking for a job

Just uploaded my CV and added information about myself to my profile. I'm a 16 year old with GCSE's looking for a job in the MetroCentre or Newcastle. In a week I ...

Cherish Watson

Canterbury Christmas Temps?

Hi Game, are you aware if Canterbury had put job listings up for Christmas temps or not? I've searched with no luck, I'm a frequent customer and the manager knows I'm eager ...


wish it want it do it ...

really hope i get xmas work i love game hehe


just applied for Christmas temp

hopefully i get somewhere with this


Just Apllied!

Just applied for a Job over Christmas. Hope to hear back and land an interview :D Can't wait to get to know the staff better if I do get it!



Would love to work the christmas temp job at game in chichester! that would be so cool :)


Dress Code

I got past the 1st interview stage and have been asked to come to the store to see if I would like being there so what would I wear to this?

Dean Salter

Deputy Manager Application

Made my first managerial application, hoping I can land an Interview and get to know the GAME employee's.


God of war and other games.

anyone else looking forward to this game coming out? it looks so good i cant wait, i know hes greek but im loving the viking feel ^_^. also i cant wait for skyrim ...


applied for job, and dragon age

i applied for the christmas temp at huntingdon and cambridge. i applied last year but didnt get it :( . maybe ill have better luck this year. one question was what is your fav ...