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2016 Winners - Innovation Award

Winners of Innovation Award for this site at the RAD Awards 2016 Thank you Basis Media & The RAD Team!
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Check out the Insomnia Hype Video:

Love playing video games, or watching people play them online? Insomnia57 is the latest installment of the UK’s biggest gaming festival, and tickets are available now
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Coming soon....

Find out why our employees love working at GAME & MULTIPLAY, new careers video coming soon!
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Our Team Players

Check out why our employees LOVE working at GAME & Multiplay!
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Looking for GAME job in Ashford

I'd love to have a job working at GAME in Ashford, It'll be great to add to my love of gaming.


Applications for Game Head Office

Good Morning, I have applied for a number of positions at Game HQ. I received confirmation you have received my applications, but all state there is no end date for applicants. I ...


Looking for work in North East England

Hi, I am looking to work Part time or full time, in a game store close by preferably Newcastle Upon Tyne or Metro centre. I've applied on here to Newcastle, when would ...


Can I withdraw my application?

Since applying for a seasonal temp job at Game, I have accepted another job offer elsewhere. However I still received another invitation for an interview, after I missed the first date! I ...


Part time work in Tunbridge Wells

I'm looking for casual work (evenings and weekends) in Tunbridge Wells.


job in weston

looking for a part time job in weston super mare

sydney white

Searching for part time work in Southend.

does anyone know of any Christmas vacancies or general part time vacancies in Southend? please set me know asap.



about 3-4 weeks ago I submitted a job application for a temp position over Christmas at the Yarmouth store. as of yet I haven't heard anything back, should I assume I haven't ...


Looking for a job.

Looking for a job in or around Barnstaple, North Devon. I know they tend to post about vacancies on their store window but if anything comes up, I'm available. All day and ...


Job interviews?

I applied for two jobs in my local area for the Christmas period and, as of yet, have not received an email or phone call about attending an interview. Is there anything ...