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2016 Winners - Innovation Award

Winners of Innovation Award for this site at the RAD Awards 2016 Thank you Basis Media & The RAD Team!
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Check out the Insomnia Hype Video:

Love playing video games, or watching people play them online? Insomnia57 is the latest installment of the UK’s biggest gaming festival, and tickets are available now
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Coming soon....

Find out why our employees love working at GAME & MULTIPLAY, new careers video coming soon!
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Our Team Players

Check out why our employees LOVE working at GAME & Multiplay!
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wish it want it do it ...

really hope i get xmas work i love game hehe


just applied for Christmas temp

hopefully i get somewhere with this


Just Apllied!

Just applied for a Job over Christmas. Hope to hear back and land an interview :D Can't wait to get to know the staff better if I do get it!



Would love to work the christmas temp job at game in chichester! that would be so cool :)


Dress Code

I got past the 1st interview stage and have been asked to come to the store to see if I would like being there so what would I wear to this?

Dean Salter

Deputy Manager Application

Made my first managerial application, hoping I can land an Interview and get to know the GAME employee's.


God of war and other games.

anyone else looking forward to this game coming out? it looks so good i cant wait, i know hes greek but im loving the viking feel ^_^. also i cant wait for skyrim ...


applied for job, and dragon age

i applied for the christmas temp at huntingdon and cambridge. i applied last year but didnt get it :( . maybe ill have better luck this year. one question was what is your fav ...


Just Handed in First CV EVER

No stores looking for chrstmas temps just yet in my area but soon. Hopefully I get one. Cant wait!!!!!

Steven Messersmith

No jobs near me!

Hi! Last month I went into Game Westfield London and was told to apply online and that they don't look for people until this month. Well I don't see any jobs ...