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#WeAreGAME - Who Are GAME?

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Meet Abi! #WeAreGAME

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James S N

Hello Everyone

Hello all, I am looking for jobs in or near the Epsom and Kingston area. I have 5 years experience in a retail environment and I am an avid gamer. If you ...

Exiled Jedi

"submited status" on job applications

hey all, ive applied for a few jobs on you site but they dont have a end date, in there auto reply email it said i would be contacted after said end ...


Jobs at Fareham Store

Hi There, I am 16-year-old looking for a summer or weekend job at the Fareham store, like stacking the shelves or working behind the store, maybe sorting all the deliveries. I live ...


Job Search

I am looking for a part-time job in retail around the area of Manchester so either the store in Arndale Centre or the store in Trafford Centre


Looking for work around the burnley area

Lively, highly motivated female gamer looking for a job round the burnley area. Have retail experience and love working in the retail environment.

Ignacio Santiago Ortega

Part time job in chelmsford

Currently studying mechanical engineering at Anglia Ruskin University and looking for a part time job. My love for videogames and my positive attitude will be a great add to the team. I ...


fulltime work in east or south london

Hi. Looking for fulltime work in east and south London within the retail sector. Avid gamer and will be willing to work as soon as possible.


Back Again For Round 2

Hey GAME disappointed user here... To give you a second chance to improve your customer service online as well as offline when it comes to offering jobs. - Do you guys have any sales ...

Emily C

Application For Bristol Post

Hello! I applied for the position at BROADMEAD a few days ago and my application says "Draft". I left it to see if it would change but hasn't. Does Draft mean I ...

Sabil Liaquat

Looking for a job Birmingham within 10 miles

Hi, looking for a part time job as i need money to pay for my gym membership and to buy video games of course :D thanks.