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#WeAreGAME - Who Are GAME?

Find out why our employees love being apart of the GAME Digital PLC.


Jasmine Knowles - 16/06/2017

this is why Game is an amazing company. they don't just think of the work of the company they think of their staff and how to make there roles more fun and interesting. If I do get the chance to work for the company I would love to host and help out at the E3 events as the atmosphere would be incredible. Its my dream to work in something I hold dear to my heart and gaming has helped me get though some tough moments in my life and they help me escape to another world and forget my worries, I want to help other people around the world get the same feeling if I can . please contact me if any openings come available around the Manchester area in any department. thank you

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Jade Hilton - 21/05/2017

Any chance I could land a job role in one of the Preston stores?

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InnateGrunt - 24/01/2017

I would love to work there too definitely keep an eye out

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N0x76 - 11/01/2017

Would love to apply for a job at GAME, but there are rarely any openings in Northern Ireland, which is a shame. But you never know.

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gold_doy - 09/11/2016

me likey

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khandelwal - 25/10/2016

In India is available

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gaiaconsequence - 24/09/2016

Considering 2012 and the rise of online purchasing, isn't the word career stretching it a bit ?

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Mikeyl3 - 12/09/2016

Will be interested in this! :D

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Theo - 12/09/2016

ohhhh be looking out for this :D

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Eliza - 18/07/2016

need a job, not a video

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jfbarallon - 03/07/2016

will watch out for it...

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AstraKid - 01/07/2016

Very interesting :D

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Joe - 21/06/2016

Intrigued, would love to do it ^_^

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C.Lyons_GriM - 01/04/2016


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NerdDragoon - 09/10/2015

might keep a look at for this

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Iamrealz - 07/09/2015

Intresting :)

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