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Jic0605 - 04/04/2017

I am Jose I'm looking for a job. I live in East Acton. I am 24 years old. I like all about consoles, videogames etc. Iam really interested in be part of your team. I'll wait you for a call. thanks you.

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jackmlowe - 11/10/2016

looking for a job placement at your Orpington store for a Christmas temp position waiting for it to become available.

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enigmarmike - 09/10/2016

Looking for a role in game lewisham, they have vacencies but i cannot on the life of me find them on your site

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Artemus - 26/07/2016

Hi Game Admin! :) Just a quick one to let you know (if your I.T dudes aren't hot on it already) that currently the 'Choose You Game' - 'Register You Interest' section isn't quite working properly. It asks to 'Login' when already logged in and hangs up when details are re-entered. Although, if no one else is experiencing it, it may be local to my system... I'll just have to keep trying in the mean-time. All the best!

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Voldastamore - 01/07/2016

Can ya'll give any advice on how to make myself a more appealing prospective employee to GAME?

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TANK - 02/06/2016

HELLO i STILL waiting for a re-apply for a job in Store 0319 - Crawley

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Saihib - 06/12/2015

I am saihib I'm 16yrs old and iam looking for a job in luton Thank you

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