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BELONG is simply amazing

Our cutting-edge Gaming Arenas where you get the chance to play hard, test the latest tech and join other likeminded gamers across multiple platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s an opportunity to catch up and challenge pals in person, not over a headset, because gaming together is altogether better. It’s time to BELONG. Want to join us? #WeAreGAME


JAMES BLAXILL - 07/02/2019

Sounds like a dream! Hope it goes well!!

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Pandaroonii - 19/12/2018

I've spoken to the BELONG staff at Insomnia events and they're all amazing people. I love the idea of local "Teams" and jerseys on sale. I need a local one, I'll even help run it!

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Insane-BamBam - 06/06/2018

IM Here !

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Xau - 05/11/2017

I kinda wish the employees of GAME stores with BELONG in them were allowed to join in the customer's games, if the customer wanted them to. That'd be long lasting fun resulting in long lasting employees. -w-

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