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Job hunting

Would really love a job in the Ipswich branch but feels like my Autism is always going to get in the way. I have all the qualities and knowledge but can't get anywhere...sigh. If they'd even give me an apprenticeship I'd go for it or a weeks trial unpaid to prove myself. I'd prove how awesome I am 😀


Pominator - 14/08/2017

It's always a hurdle, just remember it is a barrier, not a wall, you can get over it and show your true quality if you work on it, identify your weaknesses and find a way to mitigate them, I struggle with AS every day but have had several great jobs and times in several different fields. If you need it there are plenty of great resources online for people who struggle against autism in the job hunt, but personally, my recommendation is to find a way to turn your personality type to your benefit, channel your passion for what you enjoy into something productive.

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