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Stirling Vacancies?

I really want to apply to Stirling branch's store however nothing seems to ever get posted for there. In fact for the entire of Scotland there does not seem to be any jobs available. Is there any way to receive notifications if certain stores have a vacancy?


RoisinVM - 11/01/2018

I already have notifications switched on for every local store, but besides the Christmas/Holiday temp. jobs, I've not seen a single job listing in the entirety of Scotland for the months I've been looking. It's really disheartening, but i suppose all you can do is keep an eye on the site/your local store and hope something opens up. :(

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jade134 - 10/01/2018

Hey, Great to hear from you and thank you for your interest in GAME! For all store / retail roles, please contact the store directly. In addition, please do register onto the system and you will be alerted with any new roles :) Good Luck!

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