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What am I doing wrong?

This is in regards to applying for the 'Sales Assistant' role at different GAME retail outlets. I have been applying to work for GAME for over 6 years now (at least) with the rare few occasion that has led to in person interviews/group interviews. However every single time they have not turned out my way. I'll be graduating from University in July 2018, I'll be in my mid-20s and I have a few mental disabilities which employers must be turned off by compared to those that don't have them. I'm based in the South Wales as well. Maybe I'm saying the wrong things? Maybe I'm not saying enough? Maybe (knowing me) I'm actually saying too much!


Rhysins - 10/04/2018

If GAME has any discrimination against hiring people with mental disabilities or are not interested in anyone over a certain age or are tired of my constantly applications to them, they can just say so and I can spot applying for them if that's the case.

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