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turned down for the 3rd time

Don't mean to sound negative but I've tired to apply for a job at my local Game store for the 3rd time and once again been declined and to be honest it has really annoyed me because I've been really hoping to get some work with Game to keep myself going but I feel like I am being turned each time for some reason and It's really got to me a lot in a negative way and sometimes I feel like why should I bother trying again when each time I apply I'm being turned down for whatever reason there is it's frustrating right now for me.


CALLUM - 06/09/2018

Stop being so clingy and get another one.

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adam95 - 10/08/2018

Yeah I know the exact feeling, applied and rejected 4 times for Bristol

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Alexander Jones - 02/08/2018

I've had that I managed to get the interview I think it's just knowing the right people.

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