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Sales Assistant !!!!!!!!

Hello GAME team! I am Hristo - a very positive,communicative and funny person.I am from Bulgaria and what is the most important - my soul and hearth is in the GAMEs.I have 1 year experience as a Sales Assistnat in a gaming company in Bulgaria ( and i would be so happy if i can join your team! I see you do not have spots at store 0003 (Chatham) and store 0248 (Hempstead, Gillingham) but i still want to ask if there is a chance for me to sneak in in one of those two stores.I can work everyday from open to close for about 10-12 months !!! 07706018201 - Please call me even if it is a reject.I will try to convince you by phone that i am a really good deal for you.Regards and may all of your hits be crits !!!


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