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MrsSpeedmetal - 06/08/2016

"The Real Deal" Yay! :3

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Yannie - 30/06/2016

I'm the real deal, apparently! Just need to find a vacancy in my area now!

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PCTC - 17/04/2016

Great! Now i just have to wait for jobs in my area!

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RDMZN - 11/04/2016

Nice :) I am GAME ready!

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baconwaffl3s - 03/03/2016

When are you hiring? I would be a perfect player 2 for you.

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Crafty_Cal - 13/02/2016

My body is ready

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Baqt - 13/11/2015

I also passed it. I'm what GAME is looking for.

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XtremeProjects - 03/11/2015

took the test and im right for game so hoping my local store can know

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Josh_blk126 - 27/10/2015

Looks like I'm 110% game, well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ashra - 28/09/2015

Had to agree to everything, so I have the right stuff that GAME is looking for, HOPE my local stores see my posts!

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CLIVE - 21/09/2015

If GAME could offer me a weekdays only position in Halifax, then I'm your staff member, your team player, your GAMEsmaster!

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Clammy - 19/09/2015

Passed the test! Just hoping for Christmas spots to open up :D

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Breyva - 10/08/2015

Hey Game, make the quiz more of a game by making us work for our answers, for example, moving answers to click on, frogger type movement to your desired answers. lots of possibilities.

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Azatar - 07/08/2015

Hello! Is it me you'r looking for? *does test* Yes, yes it is =)

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S.H - 04/08/2015

Now I just need to know when the Christmas vacancies for the Middlesex stores are going online and get started from there. :)

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Victoria - 04/08/2015

Woo boo! I'm what GAME is looking for! 😍

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Confusedhawk - 30/07/2015

10/10 Would play again.

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MrFlan - 30/07/2015

Took the test! Looks like I'm what GAME is looking for ;D

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